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14 %

set up their own company

57 %

moved on to a job or internship

86 %

strengthened their qualifications

100 %

felt more prepared to get a job

The vision behind Scaling Up

Our vision is to build a bridge between academics and the start up-environment, where 70 % of all jobs are created.

We want to expand your network and open your eyes to new possibilities for employment.

Last but not least, we want to help you translate your qualifications to small and medium sized companies!

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The 7 Pillars

A business plan is to be made, containing strategy, target, resources and methods for the Go-To-Market as well as a plan for execution.

A marketing plan is to be composed with strategies for building a brand and a plan for promotion of the company, including how to make the content in common thread across different platforms/channels, as well as an analysis of this.

A sales process containing sales channels, sales processes, methods, data on customers as well as systems for CMR (Customer Relationship Management) and CEM (Customer Experience Management) is to be made.

You will compose a plan for product development with control of processes as well as an overview of the structure, ressources and priorities in terms of development of the product.

You will have to make an overview and requirements to the financial management, contracts, law, license, HR and administration.

Preparation of pitch, to make you look proactive and professionel in front of investors.

A process for optimization of onboarding is to be made, containing structure, processes, knowledge sharing and analysis of service and support.

Why you should choose Scaling Up Entrepreneurs

At Scaling Up you will get personal conversations focusing on competency assessment and
development. You will get professional back-and-forth about the future after the end of the course and coaching in pitching a company and yourself! In the end you will use this when you get the opportunity to make a pitch in our own Dragons' Den.

You will get specific tasks at a company, ready to expand!

How it works

The course consists of three parts: teaching, internship and personal interviews.

The teaching is a course in entrepreneurship in which you learn what it takes to be self-employed.

The purpose of the personal interviews are to help and guide you to a better understanding and a optimization of your resume and application to make it targeted at the start up-industry.

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The course

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